Residential Projects

Custom, site-specific, residential design is a strong area of our firm’s expertise.  We have designed homes built of hay bale construction, rammed earth, sun-dried adobe bricks made on the site, solar green houses, and trombe walls.  We have designed homes with more conventional construction methods that utilize more common but still effective passive solar strategies like long overhangs, energy efficient glazing, correct glazing placement, and proper insulation strategies.  We always incorporate passive solar strategies in our residences.  We have extensive experience with exposed heavy timber in our designs.  Our design aesthetic ranges from modern to southwest to craftsman, and we strive to celebrate the qualities of natural building materials.

We promote the use of authentic adobe for both its functionality and its aesthetic. Within the context of a desert climate, adobe is the ultimate sustainable material; its thermal mass maintains a moderate interior temperature year round and its components are acquired locally making it a material that is truly a product for the Southwest.